Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Signs Of a Alcohol Problem

Most people do not view a glass of wine at eight in the morning as a big problem and most have one just because they can. If this is your only glass of wine for the day then it is ok. But is this is your first of many for the day then there may be a problem. For some it is just normal to have an aspirin first thing in the morning. How do you know that you need addiction help? Refilling your 180 bottle wine rack more than twice a week is a pretty big clue especially if you are single and have no friends.

After spending an hour in a backstreet bar everyone is attractive, when you walk into the bottle store and they have got your drinks packed and ready to go is a pretty good indication that you are in trouble. Another good indicator is when the doctor puts you on a chronic prescription of KGB. Lunch breaks at work are 1hour, but you have been at the bar for three hours.

Tackling the Christmas tree because it does not have a present underneath it for you can be a little embarrassing especially if it is New Years Eve. The toilet in your guest bathroom has plastic covering on the tiles just in case you do not make it your bedroom toilet. When you think that your wife is considerate because she places bed linen at the front door when you come back from a night with the boys.

On a more serious note alcohol abuse can be danger to you and your family. Remember that excessive drinking does not only affect your health, it can also affect your job, lively hood and your marriage. It is funny until it is not and that is a good indication that you need help. Even if you cannot see the effects others can and if your get asked once to stop drinking it means that it has already started effecting those around you. Alcoholismcan be cured with a good support system and the help of professionals that specialise in rehabilitating individuals with serious addiction problems.

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